The In's and Out's of Interior Coatings

Interior protection is paramount! This is where all the accidents happen that can be worse than scratching paint. Let's take a journey into the benefits of interior coatings.

We often find people surprised when we tell them we can also ceramic coat the interior of their vehicles. This is why I’m putting together information for you all to understand the benefits and what we actually can do. At Top Gun Detail we can ceramic coat leather, fabric, plastics, rubbers, and carpets on the interior of your vehicle. The bigger question is why though. 

When it comes to maintaining a vehicle's interior it's all about protection. Protection makes the interiors easier to maintain because dirt buildup struggles to stick to a protected surface. Things like leather and plastics need regular conditioning. The biggest reason is the all mighty sun. It causes UV damage and is literally responsible for destroying anything that has long term exposure to it. You wouldn’t sit out in the hot sun for days at a time because it burns your skin right? The same is true for unprotected interior surfaces. Which is intensified by the sun beaming through glass.  

Now, you can use the standard products on the market to protect your interior. These products require application every 3 months minimum. They get the job done, but are not long term protection, and can wear out faster with constant traffic, like getting in and out of your vehicle often. This is the biggest difference between coatings and standard protections. The coatings provide long term protection that you can count on. They also have a durability that is unsurpassed by standard products.

That is not the only benefit though. The biggest benefit is how easy they are to clean and maintain. The best way we have been able to describe this is with a frying pan. If you have ever cooked with a non stick frying pan then you understand the benefit of a coating. This is the very idea of interior coatings. They create a layer of protection that is like a non stick pan. This makes them incredibly easy to clean and maintain. 

Lastly, look at that shine! The coatings give a nice satin finish to the surfaces that lasts the lifetime of the coating, giving you that new car feel and look far longer than any other consumer grade product.

For more information on interior ceramic coatings feel free to reach out to us. You can reach out on any of our platforms, text or email. It is our pleasure to bring to you the most up to date information on how to better maintain your vehicles. 


Thank you for reading,

Kristopher Mindrum, Owner

Top Gun Detail