The importance of maintaining your vehicle in the winter months

So how do you maintain your car in the winter months?

This is a subject that comes up every year. The tendency for most is to maintain their vehicles as best as they can during the summer months because they can see how beautiful the vehicle looks. Then when winter rolls around it becomes frustrating to maintain. We hear it all the time “The vehicle just gets dirty a week later”. We absolutely understand that frustration, we are detailers you know haha! It is funny that this idea comes up with car care because we don’t think this way in other facets of our life.          

Your face and hands are just going to get dirty again, but we wash them at least daily. Your hair will get dirty again, but we shampoo that daily. If we did not do these things we would have tangled hair knots, black heads and bad skin. The same holds true for your vehicles finish. In extreme cases of neglect, dogs have to be completely shaved because they have too many knots in their hair from neglect. They can grow their hair back! You cannot grow more clear coat on your vehicle.          

So now that we know that our clear coat cannot be regrown and that we MUST maintain its finish or it WILL become dull and damaged, let us talk about what winter month maintenance looks like. The fact is, you should be maintaining MORE often in the winter than the summer. The roads have debris, de-icer and other contaminants that simply are not there during summer months. These added contaminants cause the vehicle to get dirty faster. This in turn equals cleaning more often to maintain a “like new” finish on your vehicle.          

The sun still exists during winter months and that sun bakes contaminants into the paint. One rough winter can permanently damage a vehicle that is poorly maintained. So, like your face and hands, wash your vehicle when it gets dirty and contaminated. This will leave the finish looking “like new” all year round and increase the value of your trade in or sale when you decide to upgrade to another vehicle.          

If you ever have any questions on what proper maintenance looks like, please feel free to reach out. We are only one company and we know we cannot clean all the cars in the world. For this reason, we love to give advice to others and share our industries secrets for maintaining your vehicles finish. 


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